Who are Gera & T.M?


 "Distant Lands" is the brand new album from Gera & T.M. It was just released on August 20th! Gera & T.M are incredibly excited and grateful to present what we think is a very beautiful instrumental album. Much thanks goes out to our good friends, Tony Garnier on Double Bass, Roger Squitero on all percussion, and John Bertsche on all guitars, engineering, mastering, guidance, and patience, and Daniel "Snake" Vitalo Jr, engineering on all piano tracks and guidance.

We have been making music separately for as long as we both can remember. Over the last few years, we have combined forces, writing and performing songs that signify our journeys through life. Gera has also released her brand new solo album, "Reflections During Covid-19.nyc" on August 20th , 2020. As a family and partnership, we couldn't be more excited and filled with gratitude! 

Go to these links for a preview, or enjoy the entire albums on the links to the streaming sites of your choice!!!

https://geraandtm.hearnow.com/   for Distant Lands

 https://gera.hearnow.com/       for Reflections During Covid -19.nyc

Gera & T.M couldn’t be more excited to announce that bassist extraordinaire and our good friend, Tony Garnier has just finished 6 new tracks on our upcoming album Distant Lands. Tony has played with Asleep at the Wheel, Buster Poindexter, Robert Gordon, the Lounge Lizards, and most notably, for the last 28 years has been Bob Dylan’s bassist (both bass guitar and double bass), doubling as music director. Tony played standup on all 6 tracks and the results were magical…Thanks

This past Saturday, we had the amazing good fortune (thanks to Tony Garnier) to have the truly wonderful internationally renowned percussionist Roger Squitero play on 6 new tracks on our upcoming album “Distant Lands.” It would be easier to mention the people that Roger has not played with, but here are a few he has; The Rolling Stones, Debbie Harry, the cast album for Motown the musical, Ron Carter, Jeff Golub, The Temptations, Dave Crusin and the GRP Allstars, Philip Glass, Chaka Khan, and the list goes on and on. We should also mention Roger’s current projects, Tribal Sage and Smoke. Gera and T.M are so happy with the way the tracks came out. Thanks for the incredible music…we all had a great time!

"No Regrets" is what the sign on fence says as you enter the beautiful home and studio of Daniel "Snake" Vitalo Jr. Snake's studio is where Gera & T.M began the recording of their upcoming release, "Distant Lands." We worked for hours on not only trying out different microphone techniques for Gera's flutes, but also many production ideas and concepts drawn from Snake's extensive studio experience. All of T.M's keyboard tracks were recorded at "No Regrets." Unfortunately, there was only one small problem. "No Regrets" is 3 1/2 hours from our location and the travel situation was untenable. We were able to set up a mobile recording situation close to our home and were able to record the rest of the project there. Thank you Snake for giving us such a good start and a wonderful bed of keyboard tracks from which we would begin our journey to "Distant Lands.". Thanks too for all your great production ideas, your friendship, and thanks for all your hard work! We love you!"